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A little about Milk & Biscuits ...

A little about Milk & Biscuits ...


“Buy less, choose well and make it last” Vivienne Westwood

This is the advise given by Kate of the children’s fashion brand Milk & Biscuits - wise words we often quote here at Spotty Herberts.

Milk & Biscuits is an Anglo-Chinese children’s fashion brand with a basic ethos: to be simple, honest and good.

We love their simple shapes and crazy patterns.

Designs are classic with contemporary twists, cut for comfort and easy to wear. Each season a collaboration with an illustrator creates unique prints for the collection and this season see’s the huge tropical leaf design by Rik Wang based in Shanghai.

Milk & Biscuits clothes are made with pride and care in a small order factory where the aim is for a low carbon footprint and the use of organic materials wherever possible. Accessories are often made by hand, some even hand knitted by Shang Hai grannies!

This is ‘slow fashion’, built to last and be enjoyed. Much like a plate of milk and biscuits!

We asked Kate, who happens to be a 'local' to tell us a little more about her brand Milk & Biscuits:


  1. Who is Milk and Biscuits? We are a family run brand run between London and Shanghai. My name is Kate and along with my husband Zhang Lin we do the design and production here in Shanghai where we live. (I am originally from a tiny town called Topsham in Devon but moved here 10 years ago). My twin brother James does all of the E-commerce from London and the occasional tradeshow, and my sister Candy does PR!

2. When and why was Milk and Biscuits created? We started the brand as locally here in China we wanted to create simpler, more honest clothes then what we could find here in Shanghai - made from 100% natural materials. The style of the brand is based on European classics but with a contemporary twist, this twist is where the influence from East Asia creeps in- Korea, Japan and China all have some really fantastic childen’s clothing brands. 

We started in Shanghai with a tiny collection of clothes we sold to friends in 2014. We took our first full collection to Playtime Paris for Summer 2015 – so that was the first real collection available in retailers in the UK, France, America, Korea and Russia. 

3. From where do you find your inspiration for collections? Everywhere around me! My kids, something I see in passing. Each collection tells a little story – like the first collection was A trip to the Lido which all focused on this wonderful Swimmer print we made from a gorgeous illustration by Naomi Wilkinson. The Autum/Winter_15 collection was ‘North’ and the idea of going on a winter journey to ice capped mountains and then returning to the warmth of a wooden cabin in the woods. Summer is a Study in Geometry, triangles, diagonals – with clashing patterns and the most wonderful camo print by a fabulous Chinese illustrator – Rick Wang.

4. What’s your most important consideration when designing for children? That the kids can wear our clothes and be themselves and free. It’s all about pattern, colour, and textures in unexpected combinations.

5. Where do you have the most fun as a family? Woods, mountains, beach, fairground or city parks? Walks, be that in the city, woods or the country or where ever we find ourselves. I love going on a walk with the kids – looking at what is around us but also just being able to amble, drift, skip and hop along finding things along the way. We walk a lot.


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