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A few words about Mini Rodini...

A few words about Mini Rodini...

This summer we have introduced the Swedish childrenswear brand Mini Rodini to the Spotty Herberts rails. There are so many reasons why we chose to stock Mini Rodini; the ethos, the prints, the passion for playful design, the fabrics, the care for working conditions and their continuous research and detailed investigations into making the brand as sustainable and as kind to our environment as possible... and I’m not even done yet!


Mini Rodini was founded in 2006 by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as ‘a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense that everything is possible.’ Children are taken very seriously, with great playfulness in the designs and a rib-tickling aesthetic which puts a smile on your face. Hurrah!

From the very beginning Mini Rodini has been a huge a success. Collections sell out again and again with vintage pieces becoming highly sought after. Long-lost prints and fabric scraps are revived into capsule collections in occasional ‘Upcycled Sales’. There are ’Treasure Sales’ too, made of returns, samples, repairs and saved treasures. More inspired ideas to use, reuse and not to be wasteful. No Mini Rodini fan would miss these!


The quality of the products is just fantastic, sizes are in measurement from 50cm for a newborn baby to 146cm age 9-11years. A Mini Rodini garment is not only fun to wear but is also produced in a way that is kinder to the environment and the people behind it. Clothing production is one of the largest polluters in the world - second only to agriculture in water usage - and responsible for the unfair working conditions of millions of people. Mini Rodini was born and raised with the vision to make clothes that children love to wear without compromising the social and environmental aspects of every stage of production. This is the core of the Mini Rodini brand and we think they are pretty darn cool.

For a limited time we are offering our Mini Rodini collection at a wonderful 40% off. Take us up on our offer - I’m sure you and your children will be wooed by the inspired illustrations, the soft, silky, cool fabrics and the quality of every piece. We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts.

Follow this link, discount will be applied at checkout or enter code 'MINIRODINI'

Read so much more about their passion for ethical, sustainable earth and ocean friendly production here, fascinating stuff!

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‘We don’t want to wear other people’s pain. If a T-shirt costs £3, you’re paying very little but someone else is paying a lot. The quality of a product reflects the quality of the producer’s life.’
Orsola de Castro, Co-Founder, Fashion Revolution

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