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Day 1 / Norfolk Walk for Joe

Day 1 / Norfolk Walk for Joe

Day 1: Hunstanton to Burnham Deepdale, 12.66miles/5hrs 2mins



Today they set off from Hunstanton cliff top, a gusty wind propelling them along, a spring in their step. My job was to find our cottage, collect the van, fill the fridge and buy cake.

Driving along the coastal road I wondered of what reports of the day I would be given; details of snack stops, lunch break, tea breaks, people met along the way, stories of doggy encounters and fellow walkers.

A quick shop in Blakeney at our favourite Spar, a sneaky coffee at Grey Seal Coffee and then into Blakeney Cottage offices to ask very nicely if I could collect our cottage keys before 4pm!! Result, the lovely ladies said 'yes'.

Keys secured, off further round the coast to Sherringham to collect our camper, 'tutti fruity' from Retro Campers. A glytch, a paper work mess up meant this time we couldn't collect our camper(how was I going to tell the walkers!?!) but... the solution offered by the team at Retro Campers was to come back in the summer - paperwork in place - and take a van for 5 days - woo hoo, we will be back.

Next was the cake mission. Back round the coast to Stiffkey Stores for a swift drive by to collect Eccles Cake and Easter Nests.

Then, to sit and wait, at the side of the coastal path at Burnham Deepdale.

I didn't wait long. Excellent timing, 5 mins later they appeared. Exhausted, stripped down to one layer, empty cockle pots in hand, ice cream smeared faces, tired legs. All agreed it had been a long long walk. Inevitable tears at the news of 'tutti frutti' but they soon passed. All were very glad of a sit down!

The reports were good and varied and are as follows;

76 dogs counted

One dead hare

One squished mole

4 cars saluted, 2 saluted back


Fish and chips for tea. Two films watched. Asleep within minutes of head hitting pillows.

Another 12 miles tomorrow, good night.

May 09, 2017

a real emotion ….. make me cry :)


adonella melis
May 09, 2017


adonella melis

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