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Day 2 / Norfolk Walk for Joe

Day 2 / Norfolk Walk for Joe


Day 2: Burnham Deepdale to Wells-next-the-Sea, 12 miles, 4hrs, 15mins


An earlier start this morning, the sun shining. A few grumbles from the youngest and the question 'do I have to walk today?' Ha! yes you jolly well do! They set off very happily.

My day was planned out for me; food shopping for macaroni cheese tonight and a big roast chicken tomorrow. But first, asparagus.

Straight back round the coast to Wiveton Hall to bag some freshly cut asparagus and of course to sit and eat croissant and jam. Wiveton is one of our absolute favourite places to go, a beautiful ramshackled working fruit farm with a small cafe right on the edge of the marshes. Heaven.

Zillah writes: "The walk is very challenging, but it makes me feel happy that we have a healthy family. My brother is doing very well and coping with me and my dads "humour", he is a very strong boy and if he can do this walk he can do anything! I find it fun having my dad and my brother with me, they make me happier when I feel like I want to stop! My mum is very helpful and organised, she does all the shopping and cooks the tea. Also it shows me that girls can do the same things as boys...GO GIRLS! I am so glad to be doing the walk, it will stick in my mind forever and ever!"

Shopping done, and they're finished early!

Both kids have clearly found their stride as they are full of stories and keen to get back to Blakeney to go crabbing! Meanwhile, Paul is heading home for a nap! Stiffkey Stores for cake in the hut and off to catch some gillys.


Reports for the day:

Dogs counted: 119

One Kestrel

One windmill

Two Orange Tipped Butterflies

5 cars saluted, 2 saluted back

One calf

Zero crabs caught


Giant Macaroni Cheese for tea, big red sun 'warmed' faces, an earlier night, egg hunt excitement, straight to sleep. 12 more miles tomorrow. Goodnight!



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