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Day 4 / Norfolk Walk for Joe

Day 4 / Norfolk Walk for Joe

Day 4: Salthouse to Cromer, 9 miles, 4hrs, 30mins

The last day of walking, a shorter walk that begins on the dreaded shingle bank of Salthouse. They slept in this morning, were slower to rise! 'Holiday' cereal - coco pops - were scoffed for breakfast, lunches packed. The sun is shining but it's chillier, 9am and nobody to be seen, not one person joins them on the bleak shingle!
The plan is to meet in Cromer at the sign that points back 47 miles to Hunstanton, around 2pm, ready for slots and fish and chips. Off they go, Fenn running and rolling in the stones.
For me, straight back to our home for these three days and a few hours of peace and pondering. So proud of them all. Not one moan, grumble, resistance, or any sign of them 'having enough', not wanting to continue. Each evening they've been full of stories, each morning they have headed off, happy, eager to walk, full of energy.
Of course we have seen the normal sibling squabbling. They argue and shout. I understand they've had some very loud disagreements, the three of them(!), whilst walking but have discussed how to sort themselves out, forgive, forget and move on.
Pity the walkers nearby!!
1.15pm I receive a call, they are nearly to Cromer! I locate the acorn signpost marking the way, right outside the chippy on the front, and just as I sit down to wait I spy the three of them striding down the path. Turns out I was one signpost to early, we walk the last 100m together to find the correct sign just at the top of the pier.
They had done it.
We had the idea, we made a plan, we raised some funds, they walked 47 miles in four days in memory of their brother Joe.
We have raised around £5,700 for Sands The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity.
Wow, more than we ever imagined.
A few photos and then... the slots. Bags of 2p's saved, a sprint to our favourite 2p slots down on the sea wall. Zillah chooses her machine quickly, she's after a bucketful of sweets, Fenn does a quick tour and spies some model tanks balancing atop the waterfall of coppers. They're on it, bags of coins disappearing into the slots as fast as they can manage. When the 2p's dry up, the tanks are won and the sweets bagged we head off to meet friends who have come to give them a pat on the back. Great to see some familiar faces and to race around the beach a while.
Fish and chips sat in the Churchyard too - yum.
Suddenly the energy runs out and it's time for home. Paul naps, we watch a film, play with slots booty and laze on the sofa.
Reports for the day are as follows;
Dogs counted: 19
A dozen or more swallows at Weybourne
3 Anti Aircraft Guns
6 Nightingales
1 Windmill
2 Tortoises, one over 100 years old, same owner for 50 years
2 Steam Trains
6 Goats nibbling the cliffs at Cromer
Bits and bobs for tea, noisy bedtime, home tomorrow, good night!
May 09, 2017

What a very jolly and splendid adventure. Plenty of good, precious fun and excitement. What a super amount for the charity.

Always enjoy our times with the Austins.

Well done to you all for your great team work and achievement.

See you in Norfolk in August!!


Cath, John, William and Harry

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