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Giffords Circus - The Spotty Herberts Grand Day Out

Giffords Circus - The Spotty Herberts Grand Day Out


Getting the Spotty Herberts crew together for our annual works ‘do’ or ‘beano’ as my dad would call it, is something we all look forward to with great gusto and for me, its the highlight of the year. Working as hard as we do, spending the day together is now sadly a rare occurrence. So our yearly trip to Giffords Circus (this is the second year, which it my mind now makes it a tradition) is our chance to relax, catch up, celebrate, congratulate, appreciate and do a bit of well deserved back slapping.

The merriment and chaos begins as soon as we all climb aboard the mini bus. Kids head straight for the back, then they change their minds, then change them back. Lots of the usual kerfuffle, someone feels sick, open windows, ‘Close the window!!!!’ and thats just the adults. Thankfully its a short journey to  Fennell’s Farm where Giffords kicks of the 2017 tour.

We bag the front row, right in the middle, a prime view and worth getting there early for (well done Kate….ahem). The lights go down, the band begins to play and the red velvet curtains part, its an utterly thrilling opening. This years theme is the 17th Century Spanish court, I’m beside myself with joy, I’m such a sucker for a ruff and a big dress. I’m not sure I want to tell you what awaits you, but I will tell you that you will be amazed and flabbergasted. You will ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ with delight, you will squirm and clench things and will probably look through your fingers at daring feats and you will laugh till you cry at Tweedy the Clown. The best and finest clown ever. EVER.

And the chickens. Oh the chickens. Too brilliant.

Its been a fantastic show, beautiful, spectacular, intimate, opulent, thrilling from beginning to end and with all the excitement we've built up quite an appetite.

When the show ends and we head over to Circus Sauce, the Giffords restaurant. Housed in a beautifully decorated marquee, a delicious lunch is cooked up and served form a vintage showman wagon. We gorge on platters of roast pork and humungous bowls of trifle. The kids inhale their food and run off to watch Tweedy drive his bubble car around, as if they didn't love him enough already. We are left in peace to ruminate on the past year, and plans for the coming one.

We've had a smashing time, so lovely to share the day with all the people that make Spotty Herbert’s what it is.

Stuffed and very happy we get aboard the bus and head on home.


There’s talk of napping.


A voice from the back of the bus asks…

‘When can we get some performing chickens?’




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