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Introducing Lillan Gorillan

Introducing Lillan Gorillan

Introducing the new brand ‘Lillan Gorillan’ to Spotty Herberts.
The collection is for 0-6 year olds and features colourful and fun gender-free prints in retro colours. Fabrics are chosen for both style and function and are made of organic (GOTS certified) cotton jersey and eco denim.  Lillan Gorillan clothes are designed to be handed down on to little brothers and sisters or passed on to friends and family. Perfect!
Lillan Gorillan is the alter ego of Swedish creative director Kristin Enstrom. A mischievous little tomboy, her brother gave her the nickname – Little Gorilla/Lillan Gorillan.  Kristin grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden being taught to sew and design from a young age by her seamstress mother. When she had her own baby ‘gorilla’ she decided to create clothes for him, inspired by her own childhood and her busig spirit.  Pronounced buusic, busig means cheeky and a little bit rascally which also perfectly describes a real ‘Spotty Herbert’.
We are very excited to have Kristin’s rainbows and gorillas hanging on the rails at Spotty Herberts! To get to know her a little more, we sent a few questions which she kindly answered…
  1. What are your strongest memories of growing up in Gothenburg; the daily rituals, the best places to play, your favourite dinners etc?
- We don’t start school until 7 years of age in Sweden and school was only a short walk away so I could walk on my own very early on in my school years. These walks with my best friend is a strong memory for me. Behind school there was just a big forest (big for a kid kind of big) and this of course provided for the best playground. It must have been a nightmare for the teachers to collect us after every break!
Something which might seem surprising is that black pudding is something we eat (or at least ate) as kids at least once a week for lunch with lingonberry jam (the one you get with your meatballs at Ikea if you’ve ever had those). We eat lingonberry jam with pretty much anything.
  1. Please give us a few examples of your ‘busig’ antics when little?
- ooh I can’t give those away! (damn and blast we were looking forward to this bit!)

  1. You learnt to sew at an early age, what was the first piece you made?
- I would make clothes inspired by what I had seen in catwalk photos in women's magazines. One of the first pieces was blue-greyish jersey dress with long sleeves and a bit short in length actually now I come to think of it. I don’t think my dad liked that one very much. I think I was about 12 or 13 years old then.

  1. What’s the bit about building your brand ‘Lillan Gorillan’ you enjoy the most?
- The design element is the bit I find most enjoyable. I like coming up with playful new prints and going on inspiration excursions. I can find colour and print inspiration from literally anything - pavements, old book covers, house-walls, trees, you name it! There is always a little something interesting in everything.
I also love seeing how customers enjoy the brand. Lillan Gorillan didn’t exist a year ago and so it is super exciting to see the brand come to life and people engaging with it.

  1. What’s next?
    - Now I’m working on the next collection. As I am pretty much on my own still there is a lot of work as you pretty much need to focus on 3 collections in one go- sell the current SS19 collection, promote the next one (AW19) to wholesale and start designing the one after (SS20) that. A lot for one human but I enjoy it so much and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.
Thank you Krisitn!
Covered with rainbows and a ‘lillan gorillan’ we have t-shirts, vest tops and short sleeved bodies for little ones. All match perfectly with the pale wash denim shorts. The shorts are a voluminous cut with a rolled hem and a deep softly elasticated waist, perfect for independent dressing. Selling fast, we love it all, looks like our customers do too!
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